logo, which began as an online bookstore has become the world's largest online retailer. You can find everything from apparel, books, toys, software, and beauty products to cloud computing services. Amazon has such a wide variety they are often the retailer to carry that 'hard to find' item. GCN shares the latest Amazon coupon codes with you! This means you can save even more on Amazon's low prices. Plus, you never have to leave the comfort of your home. If you are a regular online shopper consider buying an Amazon Prime membership. Once a member you will receive free 2 day shipping on eligible purchases. You will also receive the instant streaming of selected movies and TV shows at no additional cost! Coupons

Tons of Saving with

Tons of Saving with is an online retailer that offers huge deals and savings and several opportunities for free shipping! There are promotional discounts for students, moms and more. They also have some super deals throughout the holiday season and you can even sell your own items on the site. Many stores will also price match throughout the holidays so if you find a super deal, you can pick it up locally. Find all of the best deals here, we’ll be highlighting the best deals we find!

Saving Opportunities From offers low prices and quite often they are much lower than you would find anywhere else. Now that many stores offer price matching with Amazon, you can pick up great deals in your store and not have to worry about shipping! If you are shopping on Amazon, you will be able to look at multiple retailers to find the best price.

Many items, like books, movies and other items can be sold used on One big way to save on Amazon is by keeping an eye on an item you want to purchase and figuring out what the best price is.

Prime membership is a great way to save with Amazon. You pay a set fee for an annual membership and you’ll receive free 2-day shipping, along with prime instant videos, similar to an online video subscription. There are a ton of options for TV shows and movies and if you are already paying for another service, this might be worthwhile for you.
Subscribe and Save is a discount that you can receive when you select the option of a regular shipment of the item you are purchasing. This is a way to save on items you buy regularly, like diapers. You’ll get a great discount for having them sent on a regular basis AND you’ll get an even bigger discount when you subscribe to 5 items in one shipment. You can combine this discount offer with coupons and other great deals offered by Amazon, making for some really great deals.

Amazon Lightening Deals are daily deals that happen throughout the day in a variety of departments and you can score some huge savings but you have to be on top of it. The best deals go really quickly. You can usually see a preview of the Lightening Deals for the day in the morning but the prices won’t show up until the deal goes “live”. So, know your prices and then check at the time the deal starts and grab it if it’s a great deal.

Amazon Mom is for moms, dads or caregivers and provides special discounts on diapers and other necessary items. It’s not always open for new members but when it is, make sure to sign up to get great deals on baby and kid items. You can save up to 20% with this membership perk. You can also earn a $10 credit for each friend that you refer who signs up and used Amazon Mom!

Amazon Student offers discounts to students on many items, including textbooks. You can also get free prime shipping at a discounted annual rate- ½ price! You will have to prove that you are a student or an educator to receive this special rate but it is a HUGE savings. You can also get $5 for each friend you refer who signs up! You can occasionally even get a FREE membership to test out this great program.

Amazon Local is a Daily Deal type site that has new deals every day. Many times these are great deals for freebies, like Kindle books or apps, gift card deals and other savings.

You can also find FREE Kindle books on and they have an e-book library where you can check-out books to read and return them, just like at the library.

Customer Service Assistance

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Amazon offers quite a few options for customer service and I have had MANY great experiences, especially with the Live Chat service.

You can find all the customer help information on the Amazon Help page. They have a ton of options and you can find a lot of helpful information on this page.

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