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On July 4, 1979, AutoZone (then called Auto Shack) opened its first store in Forrest City, Arkansas. Since then, AutoZone has grown to a Fortune 500 company. They are the leading auto parts retailer in the United States with more than $8.1 billion in annual sales and employ more than 65,000 AutoZoners. AutoZone has always lived by the following code: "AutoZoners always put customers first! We know our parts and products. Our stores look great! We've got the best merchandise at the right price." Because of this AutoZone's goal is to provide their customers with trustworthy advice and real solutions ensuring the customer has what it takes to do the job right!

AutoZone Coupons


Save on car needs!

I am in the zone a lot—the zone of saving money with coupons! I love saving on everything and if there is one item that you own that could really break the bank, it’s a car. Car repairs can be really expensive but like just like in other areas where you can save money, doing it yourself can really help you keep costs down. Autozone is on your side and can help you learn how to fix your car for less. Check out my best saving tips below!

Shop at Autozone to Save

Autozone really promotes the DIY lifestyle- they have tons of parts, tips and experts on staff that can help you when it comes to saving money on fixing your car. The ease of taking a car to a mechanic feels great at first—-until you see the bill! When you can do easy fixes on your own, you’ll really save money on car repairs, maintenance and more.

I like Autozone because it doesn’t feel intimidating to me. It’s a smaller store that offers a wide variety of car parts and accessories and very helpful staff. I have had staff members install wiper blades for me at no cost! Whenever I shop there, I ask a TON of questions. The cost of the part you are buying includes helpful tips and advice so get your money’s worth.

Autozone does offer coupons to help you save more- they have a variety of savings opportunities and deals that rotate throughout the month. Because of this, it’s smart to buy items when they are on sale and not when you need them. If you know you might need new wiper blades or a replacement light on your car, buy it when it’s marked down or there is a promotion. Autozone also rents specific tools that could be really expensive to purchase but can save you a ton of money on car repairs, if you are knowledgeable enough to know how to use them. If you shop online, make sure to always check for a promotion. They offer them often and it could be a discount if you spend a set amount or a free gift card with purchase. Always check for a promo code before you shop online!

Like many stores, Autozone offers a reward program where you can earn rewards for your purchases. When you reach a certain goal, you are rewarded with a discount or offer. Check on details at your store but if you shop here regularly, this is a great way to save money and get a reward for sticking with this store.

Autozone Customer Service Contact Information

Most Autozone stores have on-site management so if you have an issues at the store, you can proceed up the chain of command at that level to get it resolved. If you need to go even higher, use the contact information below to get service.

Toll-free number- (800) 288-6966

Customer Service Help Page

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