Bacardi rum is a top-selling brand of spirits. Get the party started with premium liquor. Sold at liquor stores, grocery stores and convenient stores, grab a bottle for a party or add it to your mini bar at home. Get great savings and savings tips here to save on Bacardi. Bacardi’s motto is “Live Passionately. Drink Responsibly.” Bacardi originated in Cuban under the founder, Don Facundo Bacardi Masso in 1862. Today there are five featured rums, which include: 1. Gold, a smooth and mellow blend 2. Superior, a dry and subtle blend 3. Select, a bold and intense blend, 4. Años, a deep and mellow blend and 5. Oakheart, a smooth and spiced blend. Save on the great taste of Bacardi rum here. Coupons below!


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