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The Bachman Company is located in Reading, Pennsylvania and has been family owned and operated for over 125 years. The company went into business selling pretzel out of the back of a horse-drawn delivery cart. Today, they are a leading producer of salty snacks, including Twist Pretzels, Rolled Rods, Pretzel Stix, Pita Pretzel Squares, Kidzels, Jax Cheese Curls, and 100% Stone-Ground Tortilla Chips. Many Bachman snacks are Gluten Free, including the Gluten Free Puzzle Pretzel, Regular Popcorn, Premium White Cheddar Popcorn, Baked Jax Cheese Twists, Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips, Salsa Con Queso and more. They also have a full line of All Natural Products, including Pretzel Sticks, MultiGrain Tortilla Chips, and Lite Popcorn, to name just a few. And if with nut allergies are a concern for your family, you'll want to know that The Bachman Company's facilities are peanut & tree nut free.

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