With its distinctive taste, Bailey's is the world's number 1 selling liqueur brand. Bailey's Irish Cream is a cream based liqueur that contains the best dairy from Ireland, Irish whiskey, and an exclusive cocoa recipe to offer a distinctive taste like no other cream liqueur on the market. Bailey's was the first Irish Cream liqueur on the market in 1974, and quickly became one of the top selling liqueurs internationally. Bailey's prides itself with ingredients form the island of Ireland. The cream comes from the pasture fed cows that graze the island and the whiskey comes from various whiskey distilleries through out Ireland. The liqueur is sweetened from sugar cane and sugar beet, while the chocolate is a special proprietary recipe that is exclusive to Bailey's. Great for a gift, to celebrate a special occasion, or to unwind after work, Bailey's Irish Cream comes in Original, Vanilla Cinnamon, Hazelnut, Caramel, and Coffee.

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