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Band-Aid brand adhesive bandages are the tried and true brand for all your cuts and scrapes. Band-Aid has been helping millions of people help protect their wounds for over 90 years. Band-Aid has been developing and innovating wound care products for almost a century and is the number one brand for bandages. Get basic care products like Clear Strips, Clear Spots, Shear Strips, Adhesive Pads, and Plastic Strips for everyday cuts and scrapes. For active lifestyles, Band-Aid offers Sport Strip Bandages, Water Block Plus, Activ-Flex, Advanced Healing Blister, and Flexible Fabric Bandages. The advanced protection products utilize the latest technology for wound care with products like Band-Aid plus Antibiotic, Advanced Healing Blisters for Fingers & Toes, and Friction Block. For kids and adult that are young at heart, Band-Aid partners with Disney, Nickelodeon, and Barbie to bring you your favorite characters from your favorite movies and shows. Let Band-Aid help take care of you and your family.

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