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Ruth Handler is credited with the creation of Barbie in March 1959. Until then most American dolls were representations of infants. Handler noticed her daughter usually gave her paper dolls adult rolls so she was excited to find a German adult-figured doll named Bild Lilli that she figured her Barbie doll after. Since then Barbie is the figurehead of a brand of Mattel dolls and accessories, including other family members and collectible dolls. Different dolls are sold with sets of clothes and accessories that fit the career being portrayed. For example, Spanish Teacher Barbie includes a Barbie, an outfit with shoes flash cards, a Spanish quiz, an easel, a notebook, a key chain, and a hairbrush. Today, Barbie also has her own video game, her own website and animated films.

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Barbie is an institution and kids love this toy! You can find all shapes, sizes and types of barbies and lots of ways to save money on them as well. Barbie is made my Mattel and they offer some great ways to save on this favorite doll.  If this toy is popular with your kids, you can find some great deals to keep down your cost. I also find that Barbie products make a great item for the gift closet if you are going to parties for girls. Read on for great saving tips!

Buying Barbie at the Best Price

Barbie is a toy that has really changed since I was a kid. There were several options to choose from back then but now there are a million, or so it seems. They have Barbies for every holiday, adventure, occupation, show and more. You can find most of these in stores like Target but there is an even bigger selection online.

You can find some great deal on Barbie during the Target Toy Clearance Sales or after holidays. If you can find a holiday Barbie on clearance, you can get huge savings. I’ve seen Barbie clearance deals after Halloween and Christmas sales. These can be hit or miss but if you find them, you can really save.

Mattel also releases coupons, especially during the busy shopping season around the holidays. There are occasionally Barbie coupons included in these savings and they can be found both online and in the inserts. you can usually pair these with a super deal to save a lot of money on your purchase. The best way to save is to stack high-value coupons with a sale or promotion to save even more. I’ve seen a few types of sales on Barbies, such as sale prices (dollars off the regular price) and BOGO type deals. If you can find a coupon to pair with those deals, you might get a super bargain.

Shopping online for Barbie is also a great way to save. If you shop on, you can find some good deals that are less than you would pay in store. They also have a wide range of doll and selection options. Sometimes you may find Barbie as a gold box type deal or a daily deal to help you save even more. If you have a gift closet, these deals are a great opportunity to pick up gifts at low prices.

Mattel Customer Service Contact Information

Mattel has a great Customer Service Contact Page with a lot of information. They offer email, live chat or phone customer service. The website also offers recall information, promotions and product support to help with consumer issues.

Toll-free Customer Service Phone Number- 800-524-8697.

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