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Barnes and Noble have more titles than any other online bookseller because they have over 30 million products to sate the appetite of any avid book lover. You can find your favorite book and author in seconds with their easy to use search system. You can find anything you want from reference and text books, children’s books, reading aids, inspirational gift ideas, toys and games. Too busy to read? How about listening to your favorite author with audiobooks or MP3 audiobooks instead? Get all your latest magazines and choose from over 1 million titles to get immediate deliveries. Read the editor latest reviews to keep abreast or use Nook to download all your best books. Find great deals and sales. Even better, use these coupons and save even more.

Barnes & Noble Coupons

Super saving tips!

Barnes and Noble is a fabulous book store with everything from books to music to e-readers! They often have great deals and you can use these great tips to save even more when you shop there. 

Best Bargain Tips for Barnes and Noble

  • Coupons: Barnes and Noble has some super coupons and they will all be posted right on our store page when they are available. Throughout the year, they offer all kinds of promotions- gift card promotions, a set discount of a learning toy, super deals on the Nook, FREE Starbucks drinks inside Barnes and Noble stores, the list is endless. You can use your coupon to save even more, in-store and online. Make sure to always read the fine print on the coupon because I’ve noticed that some of the coupons they have are extremely specific but they are generally very clear when you take the time to read the fine print.
  • Free In-Store Events: Barnes and Noble has some great kids freebies, including a free storytime for kids and other great opportunities like book signings. Check at your local store because these can all be widely varied and really depend on the area you live in and what is available at your store.
  • Free Shipping: Barnes and Noble offers a lot of free shipping opportunities, including free shipping when you purchase a Nook and free shipping on textbooks. They often have other deals that vary with sales or promotions they may be having but make sure to check this out. Free shipping can save you some money and get you what you want at a deal!
  • Deal of the Day: Barnes and Noble offers a daily deal each day and you can find it at the Barnes and Noble website. These deals vary and can be a huge savings IF it’s something you need or want. Make sure to know your best prices so you know if the deal is really a deal or not.
  • Membership: Members save every day and get free express shipping. If you are a regular Barnes and Noble shopper, this can be a great deal for you! You’ll also receive discounts when you shop in the store (some pretty good ones too!) and you will be privy to special offers and deals that are only for members. There is a cost for the membership but you may make this up quickly if you shop there a lot and new members will receive special coupons over that cost when you sign up. Some of the discounts members receive are up to 40% off so this could make for some great deals if you shop there.
  • Email Alerts and Social Media: Make sure to sign up for email alerts so you are the first to know when a sale is happening or if they have a great deal you don’t want to miss. Social media is a great way to save and they may offer fan or follower coupons to those who follow them here. It’s an easy way to be in the know about what deals are available.
  • Clearance: Many stores have clearance or mark-down sections and they are usually pretty easy to find. At my store, it’s right when you walk in the door! Ask an employee if you can’t find it.

Customer Service Contact Info

You can easily find helpful information on the Barnes and Noble Help page. You can also always get help on a store issue through the store management or use the toll-free hotline if needed. You can reach customer service at: (800) 843-2665.


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meaghan.olson5 years ago
My local Barnes and Noble closed down but I like their online store.
wearsunscr33n5 years ago
Good place to get hard-to-find books.