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Bic is a consumer goods company that offer practical, budget-friendly tools and writing utensils. Bic is an abbreviation of the founder’s name, Marcel Bich, who started the company in 1945 as a writing utensil company selling fountain pens and mechanical pencils. From their foundation in France, they quickly extended reach internationally to Italy, Brazil, UK, and South Africa. Bic was introduced to America in 1958. They slowly added the Bic lighter, Bic disposable razors and then expanded on the writing utensils to include drawing materials. Bic products are widely available in office stores, convenient stores and at big box retailers. Bic has high manufacturing standards. Roughly 85% of products are manufactured in BIC owned facilities, while the remainder are contracted out, but held to BIC standards. BIC actually has their quality control procedure online for their pens, razors, and lighters. Save on Bic here!

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