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Bisquick is the original pre-mixed baking mix from Betty Crocker and General Mills. Bisquick's story started in 1930 when one of General Mills' sales executives complimented the dining car chef on his fresh made biscuits. Learning of the innovative way this chef pre-made his biscuit mix, the sales executive quickly came back to General Mills to pitch the idea of pre-packaging mixes for baking products. Thus, Bisquick was born. Bisquick started with pre-mixed biscuits and turned into great success. Bisquick moved on to pancake and waffle mixes also meeting great success. Bisquick now offers a whole line of products including pre-made pizza dough, gluten free products, transfat free products, and recipes for monkey bread, pie crust, and so much more. Save money on Bisquick products and make delicious dishes in less than 90 minutes.

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