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Bounce brings long lasting freshness to your clothes. Bounce dryer sheets has been around since the 1970's, bringing not only a clean, fresh smell to clothes, but also prevents static cling and repels hair and lint. Bounce's laundry technology has grown to include more than dryer sheets - Bounce Bursts, Bounce Dryer Bars, Bounce Lint Rollers, and Bounce Ironing Spray. Bounce scents come in Outdoor Fresh, Linen Fresh, Sweet Dreams, Pure Sport, and Unscented. Bounce Bursts last for weeks. Just sprinkle a few bursts into your washer, and your clothes will smell outdoor fresh for weeks on end. Use Bounce Dryer Bars and you will never have to worry about those dryer sheets again. Place the Bar on the drum of your dryer and you will have fresh smelling laundry for months without having to throw in dryer sheets each time. Bounce keeps your clothes smelling fresh for weeks.

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