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Boursin Cheese comes from a rich history of artisanal heritage. It derived its inspiration from fromage frais, a long standing tradition of mixing fresh cheese with fresh herbs and spices. From this inspiration came the first product from Boursin Cheese; Boursin’s Garlic & Fine Herb. This seasoned cheese became the first flavored fresh cheese to be sold in France in 1957. Since its inception, Boursin has created more deliciously flavored seasoned cheeses like Pepper, Shallot & Chive, and Red Chili Pepper. Boursin also has a line of cheese spreads to include Light Garlic & Herbs, Spinach & Artichoke, Garlic & Herb, Monterey Jack & Spicy Pepper, and Creamy Asiago & Roasted Red Pepper. Find all of these products at your local grocer and save big with these coupons.

Boursin Cheese Coupons

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