Canyon gluten-free bread sales

Canyon has a wide variety of gluten-free products. Whenever they have a gluten-free coupon, we post it here ASAP. Choose from their 7-grain bread, cinnamon raisin bread, Mountain white loafs, Deli Rye and delicious rosemary and thyme focaccia (one of our favorites!), GF hamburger buns and Cranberry Crunch muffins. If there are no coupons available at the moment, be sure to check out their website here: for their current special offers (which are only available on their site). Don't miss out on yummy bread just because you're gluten intolerant, have Celiac's disease or just don't want to eat gluten. You'll love this bread so much you won't even realize it's good for you!

Canyon Bakehouse Gluten-Free Bread Coupons

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