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Captain Morgan Spiced Rum is the second largest brand if spirit in the US as well as the 7th largest brand of spirit worldwide. Captain Morgan is named after Captain Henry Morgan, a Welshman who sailed the seas in the 17th century. The Spiced Rum is distilled from sugar cane and uses a proprietary blend of flavors and spices that give it a distinctive taste. Captain Morgan Spiced Rum comes in a variety of flavors, including Original Spiced, Original Spiced Gold, 100 Proof, Dark Rum, Parrot Bay,Lime Bite, Private Stock, Silver Spiced, Tattoo, Black, Black Spiced Rum, Deluxe Dark, White Rum, and Long Island Iced Tea. All varieties are between 35-100 proof, a majority being between 70-80. Get the great Captain Morgan taste for an exceptional price here. Don't miss out on all the savings with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum.

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