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Chipotle is a popular Meixcan fast-food brand chain serving hearty burritos and salads with vegetarian and omnivore options. Chipotle is known for providing consumers with good food, nurturing the ground and animals that source their foods to ensure the greatest quality. Since 1999, they have introduced naturally raised, hormone-free chicken and beef to their menus and have an ultimate goal to only serve this quality of beef. Chipotle offers a buffet-style atmosphere, where you can customize your salad or burrito with the steak or chicken and then get all of the beans, sour cream, guacamole, tomatoes, salsa and lettuce. Enjoy the great, savory taste of Chipotle with these discounts and coupons!

Chipotle Coupons

Save on Amazing Mexican Food

Save on Amazing Mexican Food

Chipotle is a healthier option for fast food, headquartered out of Denver, Colorado. With a small menu and local ingredients, this chain offers tasty and fresh food at a reasonable price. You can find the best ways to save at Chipotle here.

Save Cash at Chipotle

Chipotle is a new type of fast food restaurant offering fresh, local and healthier food at a reasonable price. They have a small menu, with a few options on which type of dish you’d like and several meat choices, along with toppings. You can combine your favorite taco, burrito or salad with pasture-raised beef or free-range chicken and top it off with fresh salsas and more for a much healthier fast food option.

Chipotle offers text coupons on a somewhat regular basis. We’ll post them as they arise but the basic premise is that you text a code to Chipotle and you get a scan code back that you can show at the Chipotle restaurant for your freebie or discount. In the past, they had different types of offers including freebies and BOGO deals.

Chipotle has special in-store deals a few times a year. Each Halloween, Chipotle offers a special deal to anyone who comes in with a costume on! You can usually pick up $3 BOOritos but this deal can vary. Follow GCN so you are the first to know what the deal is and when it’s available. Usually it is on the actual day of Halloween. They sometimes offer deals for teachers or military as well, offering special promotions like BOGO deals for teachers.

You can also save with Chipotle by utilizing social media. Follow Facebook and Twitter accounts to be the first to know about any great deals! Sometimes they offer games to earn freebies or special discount codes to followers.

In some areas, Chipotle offers a super fun festival called the (a href= “”> Cultivate Festival. They have great deals on food, fun kids’ activities, beer tasting, live music and lots of freebies, samples and coupons. Check out the schedule to see if it’s near you.

Contact Info for Chipotle

Chipotle has very helpful page with several options for contact information for complaints or compliments. Most issues can be resolved at the store level so talk to the manager if you need any immediate customer service.

Chipotle Corporate Office: 303-595-4000

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