Chobani is a popular brand of Greek yogurt sold at most major grocery stores. At Chobani, they believe that “how matters”. Chobani was founded by Turkish, Hamdi Ulukaya, who found that yogurt in the states was not like home. Today, Chobani is America’s number one Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt has become increasingly popular in recent years. Unlike regular yogurt, Greek yogurt is strained three times instead of two times. This makes Greek yogurt thicker than traditional yogurt. Chobani yogurt is carefully made starting with whole milk from untreated cows and then, strained to provide 11-12 grams of protein in each 5.3 oz. container. Chobani uses natural sweeteners and real fruit. They do not use preservatives. To top it off, Chobani uses environmentally sustainable practices like recycling whey byproduct into fertilizer. Chobani gives 10% of their profits to charities throughout the world with three components in mind. They help make nutritious foods available to undeserved communities and to youth, Chobani supports entrepreneurs and small businesses that share the same How Matters philosophy, and they enrich their local communities. Savings and coupons here!


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