Cracker Barrel Restaurants

Cracker Barrel was founded by Dan Evins in 1969 in Lebanon, Tennessee. Evins designed the restaurant to resemble the traditional country store that he remembered from his childhood and placed the restaurant next to the highway to attract travelers. Since then Cracker Barrel has expanded to over 600 restaurants throughout the United Sates. Cracker Barrel is known for it's southern theme from it's menu of biscuits, gravy, fried chicken, and catfish to it's appearance. Every Cracker Barrel has a front porch lined with wooden rocking chairs, a stone fireplace, and artifacts from the local area. Every Cracker Barrel also has a general store offering old time candy, home décor and gifts!

Cracker Barrel Store Coupons

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Save on country favorites!

Cracker Barrel offers down home, country cooking at a great price! They also have a cute little shop where you can find some unique gift items, clothing and toys.

Ways to Save at Cracker Barrel

Growing up, I was a huge fan of Cracker Barrel. Mainly because they offered breakfast for dinner options all the time and we would pass about 50 of them when we’d go on our family vacation. You can find locations for this favorite restaurant all over but specifically in the Midwest and South regions. They offer good food at a great price and have some good opportunities to save even more.

Cracker Barrel already has some super prices for the food they provide but there are some great ways to save as well. They have coupons and sales in the “country store”, the shop attached to the restaurant. Sometimes they offer a gift with purchase or they might have some great finds in the clearance section so make sure to check that out when you shop!

The restaurant has some nice savings with coupons as well and sometimes they have fun, online games where you can win different savings. They also occasionally will offer social media savings so follow your favorite brands so you always know what offers they have. Cracker Barrel offers a daily special, usually a meal that you can’t get every day at a good price. If it sounds good to you, that could be a way to save and have something that isn’t always available. Children’s menus are also a great way to save. At Cracker Barrel, anyone can order off the children’s menu to get a smaller portion at a great price. They have a vegetable plate and some other great entrees that would be good options for adults, too.

Throughout the year, Cracker Barrel may also have special promotions on different meals or purchases so keep an eye out for that. Like many restaurants, you may find a new way to save at your location, so let us know if you have any unique tips! Some easy tips to help you save at any restaurants are to not over-order, order water with your meal and to share plates or order sides if you don’t have a big appetite.

Cracker Barrel Customer Service

Cracker Barrel has great customer service and I rarely have any issues with the service at the restaurant or the shop. If you do have a problem arise, you can address it with management on site or you can take it to a higher level with the corporate contact information listed below.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
P.O. Box 787
Lebanon, Tennessee 37088-0787
(800) 333-9566
FAX (888) 263-4304

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