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Crisco helps you cook and is part of your cooking. Crisco products come in cooking oil, no-stick cocking spray, olive oil and shortening. Crisco olive oils come in three varieties: 100% extra virgin oil, light tasting oil and pure olive oil. They are available in 16.9 oz. and 25.3 oz. sizes. Each olive oil is for a different part of the meal. If you will be making a salad dressing, flavoring vegetables and meats, than choose Crisco’s 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil. For all-purpose cooking and ingredients to your baked goods, choose Light Tasting Olive Oil. Pure Olive Oil is best for sautees and stir-frys. Crisco’s line of shortening comes in cylinder containers at 1 lb., 3 lb, or 6 lb. depending on the product or in stick version. Crisco sprays make it easier for your foods not to stick on your pots and pans. There is some specifically for baking, the original spray, live oil spray, and the butter spray. You can purchase Crisco cooking products online or at your nearby grocery store. Get great savings here!

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