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No home is complete without a Cuisinart machine. Established in 1971 by an an engineer who had a passion for the culinary arts, Cuisinart started its line with the first American food processor. Cuisinart's food processor was its first product and was so successful that culinary legends such as Julia Child and Jacques Pepin were using it publicly. From its inception, Cuisinart has been innovating kitchen appliances to help the everyday person prepare delicious meals right in their home. Since the food processor, Cuisinart has expanded its product like to include almost everything for your kitchen. This includes coffee brewing and espresso machines, cookware, blenders, baby bottle warmers, toaster ovens, and so many other products for your countertop. Check out the Cuisinart website for speciality parts and accessories, delicious recipes, setting up your wedding registry, or to find up to date deals on select products.

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