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Dell was originally named PC's Limited by it's founder Michael Dell in 1984. In 1986 Dell unveiled the industry's fastest performing PC, a 12MHz, 286-based system, at the Spring Comdex trade show. The company launched in 1996 and was soon selling $1 million worth of computers every day. By 2001, Dell had become the number one computer systems provider in the world. The company began shipping networking equipment, its first blade server, projectors and printers. More recent innovations include more environmentally friendly materials, the industry's first free product recycling program, new online communications tools, and convertible ultabooks and tablets. Dell's goal has been the same from the beginning, to use technology to enable human potential.

Dell Coupons

Save a bundle on awesome electronics

Save a bundle on awesome electronics

Dell is a widely recognized brand with great savings on top-notch computers and accessories. They are headquartered out of Round Rock, Texas and offer in store and online shopping. Check out all the savings opportunities for the best deals.

Save Money on Computers and Accessories at Dell

Sales: Dell often have great offers or sales on a variety of computers. For Black Friday, they had laptops for under $200 and they are always having special offers online for different types of computers and accessories. It’s important to know what a good price is so make sure you check in often to find the best deals and know the low price. When it’s at it’s best price, that’s a good time to purchase!

Student Specials: Dell offers students special promotions on a variety of products. You can check this out with the Dell University website- it gives advice about what students need when purchasing a computer and may have special offers for students. It’s a great way to find a good fit for your next computer.

Financing: Dell offers opportunities to finance your computer at no interest during different promotions. Keep an eye out for this and if it’s a good option for you, stretch out your payment with this promo. As long as you pay it off before the offer ends, you won’t pay any extra with this type of offer. You will have to sign up for a credit line, which has some benefits of special offers and rewards too. Shopping with a store credit card that earns rewards is a great way to double bump your savings!

Coupons: Dell offers a variety of online coupons that you can find on the Dell Coupon Page. These can range from a percentage off to a free item with purchase (like virus software) or a promotion on a particular computer. Check this often for great deals. We will also have any great coupon codes or promo codes on our store page so check that before you shop.

Free Shipping Promotions: Computers can be an expensive item to ship so make sure that when you purchase one, there is a FREE shippingpromotion. That can be a big cost saver and they sometimes offer two-day business shipping for free. Any way you can save on extra costs is a good way to save on your overall spending. Be on the lookout for these types of sales to save even more.

Customer Information for Dell

The Dell website has an informative help page with a ton of helpful and extensive information. You can find everything you might need to contact Dell including live chat, email information and phone numbers, depending on where you live and what your needs are.

The main toll-free number for general help is: 1-800-624-9897

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