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Discover Card was founded by Sears in 1985. Discover Card quickly grew in popularity since it carried no annual fee and a typically higher credit limit than similar cards. Plus Discover Card cardholders could earn a "Cashback Bonus," in which a percentage of the amount spent would be refunded to the account depending on how much the card was used. Businesses were also excited by Discover Card's merchant fees which were significantly lower than those of other credit cards. Due to it not charging a percentage fee to retailers, unlike Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, Discover Card was also the only credit card accepted at Sam's Club until they began to accept MasterCard.

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Discover Card is my preferred credit card because I love the flexibility that it offers with the rewards program they have in place. They offer some super perks for card holders and have great benefits too. Read on to find out my best tips on how to utilize your Discover Card to save money.

Discover Card Saving Tips

Discover Card is a credit card that has been around for a long time and is outside of the normal range of Visa and MasterCard which means that some places my not accept it. While I love the benefits of it, I do think it would be hard for this to be your only option because of that. However, many places now allow for you to use it right alongside the other cards and you can earn rewards that I prefer much more than what other cards have to offer.

Like most large credit card companies, Discover has several types of credit cards including a personal card, student cards and business cards. Make sure to research what each card includes and offers to find out which card is the best fit for you. Once you do that, you can start to save! The big perk of Discover is the cash back bonus that they offer based on the amount you spend. This is generally a 2% rebate on your spending but each month they offer a “bonus” savings item where you’ll save 5%. These are pretty good categories to save a higher amount on like gas, restaurants or retail stores. You’ll get the extra rebate when you shop at those types of stores during the given month automatically but you do need to activate the savings each month to get the higher amount.

Once you earn cash back rewards, you can use them for a wide range of products, discounts and gift cards. I like to use them for the gift card because you get a great bang for your buck. Usually you can buy a gift card for less than the face value of your points equivalent. For example, you can often use $40 in cash back rewards to buy a $50 gift card. So not only are you getting a FREE gift card as part of your rewards, you are also getting some extra money on it. I always check for gift cards when I am shopping and see if they have any great deals that I can use my points on. You can also earn extra rewards by shopping directly through the Discover website which is an affiliate type program so they reward you for using their links.

Customer Service Information for Discover

They have a very extensive Help Center where you can find information on a ton of inquiries. You can also reach Discover at 800-DISCOVER for a customer service representative.

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