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Dish, formerly know as Dish Network, is a satellite television provider. The company provides a wide variety of service in the United States, including, direct broadcast television, audio programming, internet and more. They were one of the early companies to offer subscription based services and have grown to be one of the largest providers of programming since then. Dish subscribers receive a large number of channels, with the option of different packages to add on even more, including specialty channels or personal interest channels. Dish offers a variety of savings opportunities and a pricing structure with a lot of variance so you can find all the best tips and tricks to save right here!

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Dish, formerly known as Dish Network, is a provider of satellite television, offering your favorite channels in high definition. The are also a provider of internet in some areas and you can save on both services with thee great tips and tricks to stretch your entertainment budget!

Save Money with Dish

Like many other channel providers, there are a lot of things to consider when you are looking at a cable tv or satellite tv package. Companies offer all sorts of combos, deals and promotions so make sure to always read the fine print so you know exactly what you are getting with your “deal”. It’s good to factor in the full cost of a deal as well so you know what you end up paying over the course of your contract. I get a little crazy when it comes to comparing television deals but I am always satisfied with what I get because I put the time into considering what is important and what we can live without. You can also considering cancelling cable tv to save money!

Dish offers some great promotions and many of them are available to new customers only. If you are looking to change services, there are some great opportunities for savings. There are a lot of promotions and some require you to lock-in a rate or commit to an amount of time that is pretty lengthy. Prices and services for television can change a LOT in a short period of time so make sure you heavily weigh the benefit of committing to a multi-year contract that you can’t get out of.

Some promotions that Dish offers to help you save money are free upgrades, sports packages and rate lock-ins when you sign up for a specified amount of time. All of these can have great savings but make sure to look at the big picture of what the cost is and how long you have to commit. They also have a special offers section on the website that list the best offers currently available. This is a good resource to what promotions they have going on right now. You can check back on this and be on the lookout for a promotion that fits your need and then switch!

Another item to consider with television services is whether it make sense to buy or rent equipment. Some equipment is required to be used through the company, like the satellite, but you may come out ahead by using your own modem or DVR equipment. These small costs can really ad up so find where you can save and utilize equipment you may already have.

DISH Customer Service Contact

DISH has a great customer service website so you can get answers to a lot of questions through that resource. You can also contact DISH with the toll-free number- 888-656-2461.

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