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Downy has been a trusted brand of fabric softener for over 50 years, and now you can find exclusive savings on a brand your know and love. Downy has been in the market since 1960 and has been a strong, leading brand in laundry care ever since. Downy fabric softener keeps clothes looking like newer 50% longer than ordinary fabric softener. Downy UnStopables keeps your clothes smelling like it just came out of the laundry for 12 whole weeks. Try Downy Infusions for complex layers of freshness and fragrances that will keep you feeling refreshed throughout the day. Whether you like the classic Downy freshness or the newer fragrances, your clothes will always stay soft with Downy. Find exclusive coupon offers for Downy products today!

Downy Coupons

Saving tips!

Downy is a popular fabric softener that is part of the Proctor & Gamble brand and has been around since the 1960s! It’s a favorite brand of many and there are plenty of ways to save money on these products.

Finding Downy Coupons

Downy Fabric Softener has been a popular product for many years and there are a lot of opportunities to save money when you purchase this brand. You can find Downy products in most grocery stores and drug stores so you can take advantage of the widespread availability to find the best deals and stock-up.

As with any laundry product, be on the lookout for the very best price. If you are new to using coupons, you can figure out the best price of products you purchase regularly by keeping a log of the top items for about six weeks so you see a variety of prices through the sale cycle your store has. This is the best way to know what the buy it now price of an article is. Then, when an item is at that price, you can hopefully pair it with coupons or another incentive to save money and get the lowest price.

Grocery Coupon Network has Downy coupons on a regular basis. Be on the lookout for the best coupons and print two when you find them if this is a product that you love. Downy Unstoppables are a popular product that has coupons and we will usually have that coupon when it’s available. Some stores also offer coupons, which means you can stack to save even more. Be on the lookout for digital coupons from your favorite stores that offer those and load them to your card before you shop. Then pair the great deal  with a manufacturer’s coupon to get an even better price.

Coupons for Downy are often available in the weekly inserts, in the Sunday paper. There is a pretty regular Proctor & Gamble insert and they have tons of coupons for the many brands they offer. Downy coupons can be found in this insert. When you find a great coupon, be on the lookout for a super deal to pair it with to save more. You may also see something like a Proctor & Gamble rebate or deal that might be available on select products. Many store may offer this coupon, even Costco! Depending on the limitations of the rebate or coupon, you may be able to use the full-value of the product for the rebate! Even if you use coupons with these types of rebates, you can reduce your out of pocket cost on the products you are purchasing.


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