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Enfamil is formula for your child. Enfamil have Neuro labels. Neuro Complete is to show that the formula helps support brain growth in infants and the other label is Neuro Support, which helps cognitive growth in toddlers because formula should be helping your child grow not just in height, but also cognitively. Enfamil products can be used along with breastfeeding to supplement. There are different versions based on the age of your child. They are section into 0 through 12 months, 0 to 3 month, introductory formula for when your baby first transitions, 9 to 18 months, 1-3 years, and 1 year +. So, for all of the growth your child experiences, there is a specific formula powered with the nutrients he or she needs. Get formula coupons here.

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Enfamil can be a very expensive brand to buy so when you use these great tips and tricks, you can get it for a lot less! Check out our best ways to save below.

Money Saving Tips for Enfamil

Enfamil is a long-standing formula brand that offers a lot of ways to save. They also offer a much larger variety of products now than they ever have before but babies can be particular. I have friends who have spent a ton of money trying everything out there, only to find that their baby really prefers the most expensive item in this line of products. Don’t fret, we can help you save even on the high-dollar formula!

  • Doctor coupons- When I first had my kids, I was about to find great coupons for many items that I may need to buy in the doctor’s office. Not only that but you could also get a ton of samples right in the hospital when your baby is born. Some hospitals give them to you and some you might have to ask a friendly nurse but almost all of them have samples that are for new moms. Anything you open, use or have in your room is available for you to take home. My doctor’s office always has starter kits with a few different samples of coupons and some really high-value coupons. You might be surprised at some of the places where you might find coupons, they can be unexpected. They usually come in a cute little bag that you can reuse too. I would also recommend taking any samples offered because anything you don’t use can be donated!
  • Sign-Up for Savings: Enfamil is great for sending out a ton of savings opportunities when you sign up to receive their mailings. I have gotten coupons for $10 or even $20 off before through this offering. It’s a great way to save and stock up and if you can get your Enfamil at a great price AND use the coupon, you will save even more.
  • Social Media: Follow Enfamil on social media and you will likely come across even more savings. They have great coupons that you can print out or ways to save- free samples, etc.- to help you save more money on their products.
  • Target Gift Card Deals: Target has had some great gift card deals on Enfamil and if you can pair this with a coupon or a mail in rebate, you could get a super deal. Make sure you know your best price so you know when it’s time to stock-up and then you should have a good supply until the next great deal rolls around.
  • Mom Boards: I always see a ton of people giving away Enfamil coupons on some of the mom swap pages I follow on Facebook or new mom boards on Babycenter. These are often free (never pay for them!) and sometimes they will even mail them to you. I think moms like helping each other out and they feel good about doing it, so if you need them, go find them.
  • Look for Store Promotions: Follow our ad match ups for the best deals at varying stores. Drugstores offer some nice deals on Enfamil and may include a bonus on top of a sale price through a loyalty or incentive program. Factor everything in to make sure it’s a good deal and then go for it!
  • Amazon Mom: This is a great way to save on a variety of baby products, including formula and diapers. It’s easy and free to join and you will get additional discounts that are not available to people who are not a part of the program. If you spend enough (or have Prime) you will get free shipping and not have to take your sweet little baby out and expose them to germs and the elements. Sometimes Amazon even offers coupons to save more on these products so we’ll post any super great deals on the blog when we see them.

Enfamil Contact Info

For live help, you can reach Enfamil at a toll-free number:  1-800-BABY123

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