Juices from Evolution Fresh

Evolution Fresh is a brand that offers you cold pressed juices and smoothies. Evolution Fresh offers juices different than most brands because they cold-press their juices, where the normal practice is to pasteurize them with heat. By cold pressing juices, the smoothies retain the natural flavors and you get a more flavorful drink. Evolution Fresh believes in using local resources, so all of their fruits and vegetables are sources right from local farms (82% come from farms within 400 miles) and then finish the juicing process at the juicery. When you drink your juices, you can be assured that they are non-GMO Project certified, with the exception of the protein power smoothie, which is in the process of compliance. Evolution’s website makes it easy to search for either fruit or vegetables in smoothie or juice form. Enjoy great flavors like Apple Berry, Mango, and Super Green for less with coupons below!

Evolution Fresh Juice Coupons

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