Extend Nutrition Bars and Snacks

Extend Nutrition has a mission to reverse the perception that convenient foods are inconvenient for your health. Extend Nutrition products were created and developed by doctors and clinically proven to control blood sugar for up to 9 hours, longer than any other snack food in the market. Dr. Francine Kaufman, MD developed a formula that helped diabetic patients from experiencing hypoglycemia if they were caught in a situation where they could not get a healthy, nutritional meal or snack on the go. Extend Nutrition products are for those who plan to lose weight, managing diabetes, controlling hunger, or snacking on healthier foods. Extend Nutrition come in bars, shakes, crisps, and drizzles in 15 delicious flavors. Find Extend Nutrition snack products at your local grocer today and use these money saving coupons.

Extend Nutrition Coupons

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