Fage Greek Yogurt Coupons

Fage is an international brand of Greek, strained yogurt found in the dairy section at your local grocery store. Fage helps you enjoy your yogurt by adding different berries and flavors like honey in to go cups. Enjoy for breakfast, lunch or as an after dinner dessert. Fage began in Athens, Greece in 1926. Fage, although best known for their yogurt, also creates cheeses, dairy dessert, milks, and creams. Fage yogurt, while recently becoming popular, has been with the Greek culture for awhile. In comparison to other yogurts, Greek yogurt goes through an extra process of straining, which yields fewer carbohydrates, more protein and less fat, while also providing a creamy, rich texture. Save on Fage Greek yogurt here.

FAGE Coupons

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