Flatout Flatbread Savings for Pizzas and Breads

Did you get the memo? There is something better than sliced bread and that something is Flatout Flatbread. There are five flatbread flavors and other options. You can have your flatout flatbread traditionally with the original flavor, Italian herb, sundried tomato, or garden spinach. You can also opt for the light variety with the same great flavors as the original, or you could change the bread altogether and opt for flatout healthy grai. Flatbread is so versatile. You can use it as the base for pizza, to wrap up your lettuce, meat and other toppings into a wrap, or tear pieces and dip into your favorite seasonings and dips for a little afternoon snack. Flatout Flatbread is Kosher. Save on Flatout Faltbread!

Flatout Flatbread Coupons

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