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Food Bazaar is a privately held grocery store chain that takes a special interest to provide specialty foods the ethnically diverse neighborhoods they serve in the tri-state area. Food Bazzar takes a special interest in cultures by providing foods specific to countries and not just regions. For instance, it carries plantains, a key ingredient in rellenitos de platano, for Guatemalan families. In general, Food Bazaar stocks frozen foods, fresh produce, a full-service fish market, and a special butcher shop. Food Bazar is owned by a privately-held company, Bogopa Service Corporation, founded in 1999. Lime most grocery stores, Food Bazar offers typical brand name products under its own brand name for steeper savings.

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Food Bazaar is a privately owned company located in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut that specializes in native foods from different countries. They strive to provide food “from back home” and they are stationed in neighborhoods that they try and provide culture and flavor to the people of the areas they are in. This store was founded by an immigrant who had trouble finding his favorite foods from back home. He wanted to help others in the same situation so he came up with the idea of a neighborhood grocery store providing these types of foods to customers.

Saving Money at Food Bazaar

Food Bazaar is a unique store that carries brand name foods, mixed in with the ethnic foods that people may have a hard time finding. You can find a ton of great deals in the weekly ad and each store has it’s own ad. Check your store’s ad before shopping to find the best deals. You’ll see great prices on local items, ethnic items and branded items that are on sale that week. Many people love this store because they specialize in tracking down hard to find items and carrying them in store. They also offer a wide variety of fresh produce at great prices. These items go on sale every week so check your local store or weekly ad to see what the produce deals are that week.

Food Bazaar does accept coupons so you can save even more when you find a great deal and pair it with a coupon for extra savings. The coupon policy is fairly simple- no double coupons, original coupons only, valid expiration dates and all internet coupons must be able to be scanned. They do not accept coupons for free items or competitor’s coupons. One other feature that Food Bazaar offers that is a great service is rain checks. They will provide one rain check on a sale item, valid for 14 days so you can still get a great price if the store is out of the item. Take advantage of this and get rain checks when there is a super deal but they don’t have the item in stock. it’s a great way to save and still get sales when the product comes back in. Like most stores, they reserve the right to refuse a coupon. If you are using coupons correctly and abiding by the policy, you shouldn’t have any issues.

 Food Bazaar Customer Service Information

Since each store has customer service and management on site, most problems can be solved at the store level. If you have trouble with an employee regarding coupons, politely take it to the next level. If you need to speak to someone above the store level, you can use the following phone number.

800-553-8341- Toll-free Hotline

Food Bazaar Corporate Headquarters


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