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Foot Petals are cushions and inserts for your feet that sound, feel, and look pretty. Foot Petals help you wear the shoes you love, while also keeping the feet that you love in a healthy condition. You can buy Foot Petals products online or at retailers. The brand is owned by RGBarry. The Foot Petals line offers 20 solutions to the sexy, but uncomfortable shoes. Now you can wear your shoes the way that you want to so that they are comfortable and fashionable. Foot Petals includes the Blisstick, which is an anti-friction stick that has similar packaging to a deodorant container. You use it to prevent blisters throughout the night. Other products include Heavenly Heelz, which are cushion inserts that ease friction and prevent blisters and helps your shoes fit better. Love how your shoes look and feel. Save on Foot Petals with these coupons below!

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