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Forever 21 started in Los Angeles on April 21, 1984 and grew quickly! Instant success with extreme sales allowed new stores to open every six months! Today, Forever 21 is the source for the most current fashions at the greatest value. Much like fashion itself, Forever 21 is growing quickly, featuring new and exciting store environments with its numerous shop-in-shop concepts. Forever 21, is the go-to for the fun, fashion fearless tween and 20 somethings looking for creative clothing designs and the accessories to make their look come together. Forever 21 provides shoppers with an unprecedented selection of today's fashions, always changing and always in style and always at the right price!

Forever 21 Coupons

Great Deals at Forever 21

Great Deals at Forever 21

Forever 21 is a chain store that offers women’s clothing in juniors sizes through plus-sizes, along with accessories and body products at great prices. You can find all the best ways to save with these great money-saving tips.

Save More Money at Forever 21

Online Discounts, Promo Codes and Coupon: You can find any coupons or promo codes for Forever 21 on our store page! This is always the place to check before you do any online shopping because they often offer a discount with an online code. Make sure to always check the clearance section. You may be able to stack a coupon with a super clearance price for even more savings.

Sales and Clearance: Forever 21 has some great sales and clearance prices and you can find both of these types of deals online and in-store. They will have great seasonal sales on items like outerwear for a certain percentage off or bath and body products on special, like 3 for $10. They have a LOT of sales and deals that change regularly so stay on top of any of the current deals and pick up the items you want when they are their best price! Some stores may sell items in the store that were purchased online for a hefty discount. Be on the lookout for any internet returns at a much lower price since they may not have the same stock in the store.

Shipping Discounts: You can often find a great deal on shipping when you buy items online. They have a lower required amount than many other stores and sometimes they have no minimum. It’s a great way to find sizes or clothing that may not be at your store. You can return items to the store or exchange them if they don’t work out.

Flash Sales: This is an online promotion from Forever 21 and they offer up to 21% off new arrivals or trending items but they are only available for a limited time. The countdown is on the top of the page so you know how long you’ll have to make your purchase. These are usually items that don’t go on sale often so keep an eye out for something that you might have been looking for a lower price on during this sale. This is where you really need to know your prices to make sure it’s really a deal and won’t be cheaper with a sale or another discount at a different time.

Last Chance Deals: These are deals that are on the way out to make room for new fashions and trends. They offer a percentage off of these deals and it’s a great time to pick up clothing at a great price when they offer seasonal clearance. Keep an eye on sale cycles and you may be able to guess when particular items you want could be going on sale. These types of sales are a bit tricky here because they do offer such trendy clothing and it can be very quick to change for the next season. If you see any classic items or items that could carry over to the next season, grab them.

Forever 21 Customer Service Information

U.S. and Canadian Shoppers: 1-888-494-3837

You can also reach Forever 21 with their email contact for, found on the Customer Service Help page.

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