Freshchetta is “made better to taste better”. Freschtta is a brand of frozen pizzas. You get all the convenience with all the taste. Freschetta includes a variety of pizzas that mean your dietary needs and taste bud standards. One of their pizza options is naturally rising pizza. This pizza leaves out the chemical leaveners. When you bake this pizza, it will have your kitchen smelling like tasty, fresh baked bread. The bread includes garlic and is topped with cheese, tomato sauce, and good helpings of meats and vegetables. Natually Rising Pizza comes in sausage & pepperoni, margherita, Canadian style bacon and pineapple, meat medley, signature pepperoni, and 4-cheese medley. Freshchetta pizza also comes in gluten-free, brick oven and thin & crispy varieties. Get your coupons and deals below!


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