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Fuze is a national brand of iced tea, soft beverages, fresh brewed iced tea, and juice drinks sold in vending machines, in packs, and at check-out counters and online. Fuze helps you be refreshed, but also experience flavor. their iced tea includes: lemon, strawberry, sweet tea, honey and ginseng green tea, half tea half lemonade and diet lemon flavors. The iced tea comes in a 20 oz. bottle, 1 liter bottle, 2 liter bottle, 500 ml. bottles in a 12 pack or a 12 pack of cans so you can enjoy individually or easily brink to a party. Their juices come in berry punch or strawberry lemonade flavors. They come in 20 oz. plastic bottles and are as little as 80 calories per 8 oz. serving and 20 grams of sugar. Save on Fuze drinks here!

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