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Gain is a brand that many people love and you can find it at a great price, especially when you pair it with coupons.

Finding Coupons

Gain coupons come and go but you can usually find one on our site if it’s available. An easy way to search for it is to use the categories on the side and separate the coupons out using the “Household” section. This will show you what laundry and home care coupons we have available at the time. Gain coupons vary on dish or laundry products and you should be able to find some super deals to pair these coupons with to save. You can also find Gain coupons in the Sunday paper inserts, so always look through those to find the coupons that you would use and clip them for a great deal. Organization is key with clipping coupons so find what works best for you.

Check out drugstore deals, they are one of the best places to find laundry and dish soap deals, two great items that Gain produces. You can pair a coupon with an incentive, like Extra Care Bucks or Register Rewards to get a super deal, maybe even for FREE! Target gift card promotions are another great way to save on Gain products and these can make for some great deals when you pair the sales and deals with coupons. Drugstore promotions are a great way to save but you have to be careful because once they get you in the store, they try and trick you with marketing tools and convenience products that are NOT a good deal.

Grocery stores can also be a great place to find deals on laundry detergent and dish products. Check out Safeway’s Just for U program and always add any personalized prices for these products onto your card. Those can be paired with coupons to save you even more. Other grocery stores and Target may have great deals as well so know your best price and pair that with a coupon to get a deal. Knowing a per piece (or ounce) price is good when it comes to items like laundry detergent because then you can easily figure out what the best deal is.

You may find a great deal on Amazon and sometimes they even have coupons you can clip and apply to the product you are purchasing. You’ll save more with Subscribe and Save so check out the deals and stock-up! You can also find some great deals on Gain products at Warehouse clubs like Costco and Sam’s Club. Check out the per ounce price to know if you are getting a great deal and pair it with coupons when you can to save more.

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