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You can smell the delicious, infamous Garrett’s Popcorn on the streets of Chicago. The company began with 10 shops in Chicago and today has locations in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Detroit, and internationally. Garrett’s Popcorn is a local, Chicago-based company that makes specialized blends of popcorn. This popcorn is like none other. They use the secret family recipe for their popcorn blends and hot air pop their kernels rather than using oil. The most popular blend is park CaramelCrisp and part CheeseCorn. Other flavors are Plain, Buttery Cashew CarmelCrisp, Almond CarmelCrisp, Pecan CarmelCrisp, Pecan CaramelCrisp and Macadamia CaramelCrisp. Save today on one of a kind popcorn available in exclusive shops or online!

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