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Shave closer with Gillette. Gillette is a brand of men’s razors, replacement heads, body washes, shave gels, deodorants and post shave lubricants. Gillette razors are widely available at convenient stores and grocery stores. Learn how to sculpt your facial hair and shave for the ultimate look. Gillette has informative videos to teach you tricks and tips to manscapping as well as facial hair shavings. To help in the shaving process, there are sensitive gels, foam gels, moisturizing gels, and aftershave gels. You can get fragrance free nad dyr free shaving gels like the Gillette Fusion or you can opt for s scented variety. Gillette has disposable razors and refillable razors. Save on Gillette razors and more with coupons and discounts below.

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Save on Gillette! 

Gillette, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, was originally The Gillette Company, founded by King C. Gillette in 1901 as a manufacturer of safety razors. The Gillette Company merged into the Proctor & Gamble company in 2005, and is known simply as Gillette. Gillette now produces an extensive line of razors, along with other personal care products, including shaving creams, deodorants, and body washes and is an extremely popular brand. And here’s a little bit of razor trivia for you – much of Gillette’s success was based on the contract awarded to Gillette and his company to supply U.S. soldiers in World War 1 with with double-edge safety razors in their field kits. This added up to 3.5 million razors with 32 million blades. Soldiers were able to keep these razors when they returned home, and the subsequent consumer demand made Gillette a dominant force in the shaving industry.

Saving on Gillette Products

Gillette is best known for it’s extensive lines of razors for men, but they also have a host of other personal care products, including shaving creams, skin care, aftershaves, antiperspirants and deodorants, and body washes. It’s no secret that buying razors is an expensive proposition. Regardless of brand, razors aren’t cheap, so this is a great category for couponers to save some serious money. Take a look at how to save money on Gillette products, and start getting some deals in this expensive category!

Find the Coupons!

Gillette coupons can be found in quite a few places. Gillette manufacturer coupons are available in the P&G coupon insert of the Sunday paper, usually the last Sunday of the month. The P&G products featured in the coupon insert will vary, but Gillette coupons are popular, so they’re available frequently. Grocery Coupon Network is great place to find printable manufacturer coupons for Gillette products, so always check the personal care category for the newest offers.

Store coupons are another great way to save. Target is a great example, because they often have store coupons for Gillette available on their online coupon page. Other stores, like CVS, will offer store coupons for a range of brands in a specific category, such as $2 off a $10 Razor Purchase. When you’re able to stack a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon, you’re on your way to a great deal, so be sure to look for those coupon stacks!

Be Patient

You might find a high value coupon and think, YES!, I’m ready to get go and get a great razor deal, but this might be the perfect time to hold on to that coupon and have a little patience. Many times, coupons are released well before the sales will hit at the stores. Most Gillette coupons that you find in the P&G coupon insert will be valid for a month. That means you usually have 4 new sales weeks to find a sale price to match up with that high value coupon. If you have a few different stores in your area to choose from, such as CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, etc., you’re bound to find a good deal! You can save time by checking the weekly coupon match ups for your favorite stores right here at GCN!

Use the Gillette website!

Sign up for exclusive offers from Gillette by filling out their online form. The newsletter will have information about new Gillette coupons, free samples and giveaways.

Check the Gillette Coupons & Promotions page for online coupons valid at popular online sites, including Amazon and

Subscribe to Gillette’s Best Blades – Gillette has a subscribe & save program called Best Blades, which allows you to subscribe for Gillette blades with select online retailers for a discounted price. If you’re not into couponing and watching sales ads, or prefer online shopping, this could be a good option for you. In my opinion though, the best option for the best deals on razors is still coupons and sales in a brick & mortar store.

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Contact Gillette by phone: 1-800-445-5388

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