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“The snack that smiles back” is goldfish. Goldfish are thumb sized (or smaller) depending on which variety you get, baked, flavored crackers that look like little fishes. Goldfish Pepperidge Farm crackers and snacks that are fun with meals or as snacks. You can spread goldfish in soups or have them alongside salads. They come in paper bags or big cartoons or multi-packs for school lunches depending on your needs. You can try the original cheddar flavor, parmesan, mac and cheese, Goldfish Colors, cheddar made with whole grain, and other flavors. There are also Goldfish Puffs which are gluten free for those with allergens. Goldfish Puffs come in the flavors: mega cheese, cheddar bacon, and buffalo wing. For more of a desert goldfish, there are Goldfish Grahams, which have the sweetness of graham crackers. Get great snacks for less with these coupons!

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