Everyone has a story. Here’s Goody’s. So, people suffer from headaches. They get headaches and they become feint and it really can interrupt everyday life. Goody’s works fast to relieve pain from headaches. Goody’s name comes from the founder, Martin “Goody” Goodman, who was a pharmacist. Goody’s came into fruition when the owner changed hands to marketing guru, Thad Lewallen, who sold the product through the give and take of sampling. But the true blessing of Goody’s is that It works right away. A solid product, Goody’s comes in a few different format so you can take it the way you like. There are the powders and the liquid form. Goody’s expands beyond the head, and also helps to relieve aches and pains in the back and throughout your body. Save on Goody’s medicines here!

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