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Goya has been around since 1936. They have a wide selection of beans, rice, condiments and spices, beverages, pantry items, frozen meals and good and organic and reduced sodium items. If you love to cook, you need their condiments (and use these coupons below to stock up when they’re all on sale). Their hot sauce is always a favorite and their hot pickled peppers, tomato sauce, green chiles, salsas, salsitas, ketchup, chimichurri steak sauce are always popular. Their bread crumbs and Adobo spices give your meals a nice kick. Try their Adobo spices with or without pepper, bitter orange, cumin, sazonador total, lemon, hot, or light varieties. You’ll also need their lemon juice, cooking wine, sofrito, recaito, coconut milk, hogao, guacamole, mayonnaise, olive oil, olives, sautéed onions, ceviche, capers, alcaparrado, marinades, minced garlic, Mojo dressings, sazon and bouillon or Ham concentrate so you have the ingredients on hand for your next dinner creation. Goya also has a large selection of frozen and refrigerated Mexican, Spanish and Hispanic food, including tamales, taquitos, rice and meat dinners, frozen vegetables and fruit, plantains (yummy tostones), croquettes, empanadas, pasteles, chorizos, custards, quesos and yucca bites. Goya’s bean selection includes canned beans (everything from red beans to chick peas), their line of Fiesta baked beans, dry beans and grains, refried beans and volteados in cans or microwaveable packets. Beans last forever, so when you see them on sale here, stock up! Goya’s rice comes in the basic variety (organic, brown, parboiled, medium grain, extra long grain, Canilla and Golden Canilla), seasoned mixes (Red Beans and Rice Mix, Hoppin’ John, Pinto Bean, Yellow, Broccoli and Cheese, Pigeon Pea, Curry, Paella, Fiesta, Primavera, Rice and Black Beans Mix, Mexican Style mix and more) and specialty rice (Jasmine, Basmati, Valencia and Arborio). Thirsty for some deals? Don’t forget to print coupons for Café Goya coffees, Malta Goya, their fruit and nectar drinks and Refresco Goya!

GOYA Foods Coupons

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