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Green Giant makes that extra side dish of vegetables all that much easier to achieve. If you prefer your vegetables in a can or frozen, you have the option with Green Giants. Their vegetables come seasoned or unseasoned. For instance, they have Italian Herb Steamers, Rosemary Steamers, and Teriyaki Steamers in 8 oz. containers. Vegetables also come in a risotto or butter sauce. Green Giants makes it easy to sneak in vegetables throughout your day. They have boxes to eat as mini meals for weight management. These include healthy weight blends and antioxidant blends. Get your servings of corn, green beans, broccoli and vegetable medleys all from Green Giants for less! There are over 160 vegetables for you to choose from!

Green Giant Coupons

Save on Green Giant Products!

The Green Giant brand started out in Le Sueur, Minnesota, as The Minnesota Canning Company and the well-known green mascot called the Jolly Green Giant was introduced in 1928. The company officially was renamed to the Green Giant Company in 1950, and merged with Pillsbury in 1979. Pillsbury was then acquired by General Mills in 2001. And here’s a bit of trivia – there is a statue of the Jolly Green Giant open to the public in Blue Earth, Minnesota. Visitors can take pictures directly under the 55 foot fiberglass statue and it attracts over 10, 000 visitors each year!

Save on Green Giant with Coupons!

Green Giant has really expanded it’s product line in the last few years. They are no longer only plain boxed and bagged frozen or canned vegetables. They now offer Seasoned Steamers, Just for One single serves, Stir Fry mixes, antioxidant blends, and baked chips as well. Finding a great deal on Green Giant can be easy with a few simple steps. Take a look at our money saving tips and start saving today!

Find Green Giant Coupons

Green Giant manufacturer coupons can be found online to print up from the Grocery Coupon Network printable coupon page. Occasionally, Green Giant will release a coupon (usually for a new product) on their Facebook page. You can find coupons in Sunday Coupon Inserts, as well as on product packaging. Green Giant is a General Mills brand, so keep an eye out on other General Mills products in your home for Green Giant coupons – General Mills likes to cross promote their items.

Do your favorite stores have store coupons? Check it out, because if so, this is a great opportunity to save even more! Most stores will allow you to stack a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon for even bigger savings? Not sure if your store offers store coupons? Check in-store at the Service Desk, or right here at GCN. Visit our Top Stores page, click on “View Store” and then check the Savings Tips for store coupon info.

Sales, Promotions, and Apps

Of course, using your coupons (or coupon stacks) during a sale will get you deeper savings than when your favorite Green Giant products aren’t on sale. But don’t dismiss in-store promotions – they’re also a great way to save. Look for shelf tags that may offer special promos, such as “Buy 4 Green Giant frozen veggies, save $2 Instantly”  or “Buy 2, Get $1.00 Catalina coupon for your next shopping trip”. These are not considered sales, but they are still lowering your cost!

Also check apps such as Ibotta, Checkout 51, and SavingStar. They all give you an additional way to save on top of coupons, promotions, and sale prices!

Contact Information for Green Giant

Check their FAQs page

Contact Green Giant via Online Form

By Phone: 1-800-998-9996 between (7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. CT, weekdays)

By Mail:
Green Giant
P.O. Box 9452
Minneapolis, MN 55440

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