Herdez is a brand of Authentic Mexican Food. Mostly known for their salsas, Herdz makes salsa and guacamole, Cocina Mexicana Bowls, Mexican Cooking Sauces, Tortilla Chips, Chiles, Fruits and Vegetables, and Dips. Herdez is known for their Mexican salsa, but they add authenticity to Mexican cooking with special cooking sauces to capture the flavor. Flavors include Roasted Pasilla Chile, Red Guajillo Chile which has a tanginess, Tomatillo Verde, and Traditional Chipotle with chile peppers. Herdez has a website that takes it further than the foods to explore Mexican holidays and explore different regions in Mexico. Just like in America where food changes based on region, the same holds true in Mexico and Herdez captures this. They provide recipes based on Central Mexico, Pacific Coast, The Baja Peninsula, The Gulf & The South, and The North. Enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine for less with these coupons.

HERDEZ Coupons

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