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The first Hot Topic store was opened in 1988 by Orv Madden. Today, Hot Topic has grown to over 640 stores usually located in shopping malls. Hop Topic specializes in music and pop culture-related clothing and accessories, as well as licensed music. Approximately 40% of Hot Topic's revenue comes from sales of licensed band t-shirts. Hot Topic often negotiates exclusive licensing arrangements with musical artists, movie studios, and graphic artists so they are the only retainer offering this apparel. Hot Topic also offers many licensed products from Sons Of Anarchy, Resident Evil, Nintendo, Nickelodeon, Invader Zim, Harry Potter and more! If you are a music fan and would like to save more at your local Hot Topic make sure you click here to learn how you can save more using our coupon codes!

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Hot Topic is a pop-culture inspired clothing store with a wide selection for girls and guys, plus accessories and collectibles, both in store and online. Check out this post for the best ways to save at Hot Topic.

Save Money at Hot Topic

Like many clothing stores, Hot Topic offers a ton of ways to save. They have some unique items and provide an edgy fashion line for both men and women. They have tons of clothing options to save on and figurines and collectibles that you can purchase as well. Read on for our best tips.

Hot Topic has some great sales that can help you save on their top fashion items. They offer a variety of promotions, including a percentage off the entire store type sale, savings on particular items, bonus online savings opportunities and money saving offers when you get emails. Hot Topic offers a discount when you sign up to receive email communications. Usually it’s a percentage off your first order so make sure you save up all your purchases that you like and place a bigger order to save more! Plus, if you spend a certain amount, you can get free shipping too so try and combine the two savings opportunities to fashion your best deal. 

Hot Topic offers sales on particular items or items that may be replaced with a new item so if you love something from the store, like their shorts, you can usually find a good deal. If you love a particular brand, you can look for sales on that as well. They have tons of great accessories and shoes that often have great deals so make sure to check those out too! Online sales usually have the biggest selection but stores may have special items or one of a kind deals too, so find your best ways to save by shopping both or whichever is the most convenient for you. Factor in all the costs of your deal- like how far it is to drive to the store, the cost of shipping, etc.

They also have clearance deals both in store and online so you can save even more. Be on the lookout for favorite brands and great deals so you can save money on your favorite items. If you can find fun, seasonal deals that will fit into your fashion for the next season, plan ahead and save! Hot Topic also offers some social media saving opportunities so if it’s a favorite store, make sure to follow them on your social media preference. If you are shopping online, always check for a promotional code on our page to see if there are any extra savings opportunities available.

Hot Topic Customer Service

You can usually take care of any in store issues with management but for online issues or issues not resolved in store, you can reach Hot Topic with the following information:

Phone: (800) 892-8674

They also offer live chat on their Customer Service Website

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