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Hotwire strives to find you the best travel deals so you can stretch your travel budget. At Hotwire you can find all your travel needs and find savings for hotels, cars, flights, cruises, activities and don’t forget to check out their deals. Hotwire can find you 4 star hotels at 2 star prices. Hotwire also offers a low price guarantee that if you find a lower rate within 48 hours of booking your travel plans, they’ll refund the difference. Get even greater savings with these money saving coupons.

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Save on Travel with Hotwire

Save on Travel with Hotwire

Founded in 2000, Hotwire is a discount travel website that sells airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, and more at reduced prices. Hotwire is an operating company of Expedia, Inc., which also operates the well known and TripAdvisor travel websites. Hotwire is headquartered in San Francisco, California and has been ranked by J.D. Power and Associates as “Highest in Customer Satisfaction for Independent Travel Web Sites” from 2007 to 2009. Learn how to take advantage of Hotwire’s great deals with our expert tips!

Expert Tips

Hotwire is used by thousands of travelers to book their travel plans at a big discount. How does Hotwire get such great deals? When car rentals, airline tickets and hotel rooms aren’t sold, travel companies use Hotwire to fill those vacancies. Hotwire deals exclusively with brand name travel companies, but buyers do not know which company they’re booking with until they have purchased their deal. This is how Hotwire is able to get travel deals that are significantly below published prices. Make the most of the deals you can find at Hotwire with our expert tips!

First thing to know about Hotwire is that they offer two different rates for services, Hot Rates and Standard Rates .

Hotwire Hot Rates – When you book Hotwire Hot Rates, you enter the location, dates and star rating (if applicable) of the service you’re trying to book. The airline, car rental agency or hotel will not be revealed until you book and pay for the service. Be aware that all sales are final on Hot Rates, and cannot be cancelled, refunded exchanged, transferred or changed – even for a fee, so keep that in mind when you book.

Hotwire Standard Rates – If you prefer to know the company you’re booking your travel plans with, you can choose the Standard Rates Option. The prices offered will not be as low as Hot Rates prices, but you will know the company you are booking services with. Cancellation policies will vary by company, but you can check them before you book.

Trip Watcher – Use Hotwire’s Trip Watcher to turn Hotwire into your own personal travel agent! Just enter your requested travel info, such as where you would like to go and a 60 day travel window, and Hotwire will watch all of the dates you’ve entered and find the lowest-price travel dates for you. You can add as many trips as you like and compare them all before booking. This is a great way to make Hotwire work for you.

Low Price Guarantee – If you find a lower rate for an identical booking within 48 hours of booking with Hotwire, they’ll pay you the difference between the rates. You can find more information about the Low Price Guarantee on the Hotwire website .

Customer Service and Corporate Headquarters Information

Customer Service – 1-866-HOTWIRE (1-866-468-9473)

Hotwire Corporate Address
655 Montgomery St #600
San Francisco, CA 94111

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