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Hyperwear is an innovator in workout apparel and gear like no other performance focused company can bring you. Hyperwear creates comfortable apparel and work out gear that allows you to maximize your work out and see the best results. Hyperwear's innovative designs are meant to be kept simple so you can safely pick up, lift, put on, kick, toss, catch, or slam. The intelligent designs are meant to work out more of your muscles at once while still being safe and simple. Hyperwear's weighted vests can be worn while doing any of your work outs for running, crossfits, bootcamps, obstacle races, football, basketball, soccer, or any sport you do. Or try the one of the many other products from Hyperwear including the Sandbell, Sandrope, Steelball, and apparel. Find exclusive deals and savings on Hyperwear products.

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