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Like many companies, Immaculate Baking started small and progressively expanded. The founder, Scott Blackwell grew up in the baking world. He worked his way through college supplying 28 restaurants with desserts like pies. With Immaculate Baking, Scott started out in his garage with one simple goal: perfecting the cookie. From there, he took to the road to a fair in San Francisco. Within a week, William Sonoma was buying. At the heart, Immaculate Baking makes delicious cookies, cinnamon and crescent rolls and other morning delights like biscuits. They also have a love for Folk Art and paired folk artists with kids to create a mentorship. Today, Immaculate Baking is distributed under the General Mills household brand. Their product line includes Brownie Scratch Baking Mix, Blueberry Biscuits, Chocolate Rolls, Chocolate Peppermint Cookie Dough and more. Save on organic, gluten-free, and original Immaculate Baking products.

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