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iRobot offers compact, self-cleaning, cleaning devices. They are robotic, battery operated cleaning devices and some of the most efficient in the world. Founded by the MIT roboticists in 1990 and today has three different types of robots. One is for the home. The other is for defense and the last is for communicating with you in a meaningful way. For the home, the founders made compact cleaning devices that are as efficient and effective. They have a three part cleaning system that is used for vacuuming and for mopping. The iRobot Roomba vacuum has a side brush, two counter-rotating brushes and a vacuum to thoroughly clean your floors all on its own. The iRobot Scooba will wash, scrub, and squeegee your floors. There are also military robots for battles and defense. The iRobot Remote Presence is used in the business to business world to do things like connect doctors and patients from across the world in a personalized manner. Take care of your home more efficiently with iRobot. Savings are right here!

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