Get your weekend stated with Jagermeister, the German liqueur. Jagermeisteris a bar favorite and makes bar specials like Jager Bombs. Jagermeister is a 70 proof, hard liquor that is taken as a shot or blended in craft cocktails such as Colt 45 and Bed of Roses and Surfer on Acid. Unlike most food items, not all of the ingredients are fully disclosed, but there are about 50 different ingredients including spices like bitter orange skins, and herbs. Jagermeister’s look has not changed since it’s conception. It is bottled in a square, green glass and has a German description translated “It is the hunter’s honour that he protects and preserves his game, Hunts sportsmanlike, honors the creator in his creatures.” Enjoy craft cocktails for less with this key ingredient. Discounts available here.


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