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John Morrell’s motto is “Make everyday special”. In case you were wondering, John Morrell is a brand of premium meats including hams, bacon, hot dogs, smoked sausage, lunchmeat, and ham cuts. Hint: John Morrell will amplify the way you think about ham. If your morning can’t start without a side of bacon, John Morrell’s has you covered. Their bacon comes in 12 oz. containers to 3 lb. containers and has lower sodium or more crispiness depending on your culinary desires and health needs. But let me stop here, and introduce you to Mr. Morrell, who brings you the premium meats you and your family can enjoy. George Morrell is the man who was recognized for bringing the golden standard of hams in Great Britain in 1830. Today, John Morrell has been handed down this reputation and the trust to continue bringing you fine meats. Get great meat from a family company for less here!

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