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Jolly Rancher is a fruity hard candy brought to you by Hershey company. You can smell the fruit flavor even before you unwrap the goodness that will leave a colorful mark on your tongue (you’ve been warned). Jolly Ranchers fill teacher’s bowls and reception’s desks for awhile. They come in the traditional hard candy, the new bites, or the crunch n’ chew. Now there are even sour jolly ranchers in the classic flavors of orange, green apple, watermelon, and cherry. There are also soft Jolly Ranchers that are filled with delicious fruity flavor. Jolly Ranchers aren’t just limited to your everyday unwrapped fruit flavor. They also come in special Valenine’s, Easter, Halloween, and Holiday (candy cane) varieties. If you are craving something sweet (or sour) Jolly Rancher’s can be your go to. Get great savings here.

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