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Kebbler is the second largest manufacturer of cookies and crackers in America. It also produces crusts, cones, and bars. They are sold in your grocery store, your big box stores and online. Known particularly for their cookies, Keebler has quite a few whether you are into fudge or shortbread or let’s be honest, a little bit of both. Keebler’s cookies include: Animals, Chips Deluxe, E.L. Fudge, Fudge Shoppe, Gripz, Right Bites, Sandies, Simply Made, Vanilla Wafers, and Vienna Fingers. Keebler also makes those delicious crackers under the brands like Town House and Wheatables. Kebbler runs with the secret that Keebler Elves are making your favorite snacks come to life. Their motto is “Uncommonly Made. Uncommonly Good.”

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